Goodbye my love.


Truly an end to an era. Having been to the Garage and Waxwerks regularly for the past 18 months, it was clear to see what made it so special. Please savour my previous article on how cool it was, as if you haven’t been already, you obviously will not be able to now!

Albion Records


So not only has my boiler broke & my nose is bunged up (for legitimate reasons) i’ve now lost the honour of running my night at what had to be the very best club around. It’s not quite sunk in yet that nest will never take place in that space again we’ve had some amazing party’s in there and well i’m about one Arab joke about my beard away from committing suicide.

But has hard as it is for me to say goodbye i wanted to do a quick piece on it here dedicating some tunes to the garage i know the team behind it will find something they believe can match it but for now i feel blessed to be apart of it’s short lived history.

Something Old -:  

Not sure if we can even use this section as it’s doors was only open for a short 18…

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Don’t you dare shazam this…. how about I will.


A tinge of guilt anyone?

Albion Records



How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a track i.d!


So recently I’ve seen a few people complain about Shazam and the use of it during DJ set’s? Most famously big dawg DJ Harvey and I can completely agree with what he is saying however I shazam the fuck outta tunes now a days and feel bad for it, the thought process been as follows.


i.) I genuinely unlock my phone. The guilt in my stomach starting to shape.


ii.) it’s slowly works up to my face. My gurn is even blushing. Can anyone tell that i’m about to use a piece of technology to find a tune? Will I be able to look my mother in the eye’s again after this act?


iii.) I stand swaying not enjoying the track as much as I should be as I…

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Creating my dreams: Have I done a good job at realizing them



I am a music fanatic, always have been. This is a genetically transferred gift from my parents, which I can’t escape and at times ruined me financially. Two  of the music genres I focus on  are  Techno and House music, in which the DJ plays a central role. A couple of years back when I went to a lot of house parties a wish of becoming a respected and well-known DJ developed in my head. I want to take you back to that time and analyze it by using the creation spiral by Marinus Knoope.

From bedroom to second room


If you read the article about the creation spiral you now know that I already described the first two steps:

  • Wishing
  • Visualizing

From there on I had to start believing in it. I was already competent in the first aspect of being a DJ, namely collecting music.. The technical part…

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Mono_cult Halloween Party – Dixon all night long at Full Circle 26.10.13


Mono_cult Halloween Party - Dixon all night long at Full Circle 26.10.13

Wow, what can I say about this guy. Hailing from Berlin as one of few true Berliners, Dixon and his dynamic sounds had the crowd at Mono_cult in the palm of his hand. Track after track of elegant house with a pinch of techno brought the crowd up and down at will. Getting to the front of the crowd at about 4am to see a misty silhouette of Dixon after he had been playing for 6 hours was amazing as he rolled out bomb after bomb until the end. Truely expansive array of tunes, dropped to perfection by a guy which just oozes cool.

Brawther (MLIU/Balance) and Samuel Deep (Slapfunk) In Store at Waxwerks 26.10.13


 Brawther (MLIU/Balance) and Samuel Deep (Slapfunk) In Store at Waxwerks 26.10.13

Upon my return from Amsterdam with the unique beats and nostalgic memories of the last party still fresh in my mind, I took a journey up to Leeds to see the label kings Brawther of My Love Is Underground and Samuel Deep of Slapfunk getting down in Tristan Da Cunha’s excellent little record shop Waxwerks. With the intimate surroundings, sofas and a few cans of Red Stripe it’s like having some of the best names in the business playing at your house party! Attached to Waxwerks is the equally impressive nightclub, The Garage, which would later be hosting the evergreen club night Back to Basics. However, having seen these guys a couple of times in a row I decided to select another destination for my evening pursuit of good music. If you’re ever in Leeds on a Saturday day, you would be foolish not to check this place out!

ADE 2013 – Tomorrow is Now, Kid! x Slapfunk Records label night at de Club Up Amsterdam


Welcome to the HausExplorer’s blog. I’ve meant to kick this off for some time now but in what has been an incredibly busy summer of partying I haven’t had the chance. You may notice that it is now November which is a good enough indication that I may have been partying too much! Having recently attended the Amsterdam Dance Event and managing to avoid the scouse hordes flocking to see Tiesto, I sought out some local talent in Alex Salvador’s label night Tomorrow is Now, Kid! Slapfunk also came to party with Anil Aras and Samuel Deep impressive to say the least, but what was most satisfying about the party was the feeling that you were experiencing the real Amsterdam Dance Event through some of the finest underground house entrepreneurs that the city has to offer. Accompanying them and adding more pedigree to the event were Brawther and Tristan Da Cunha whose new tag-team collaboration as Dungeon Meat added one of the most contempary sounds about. As stated on their soundcloud page, their ‘mission is to slay all the ploddy , medium rare, diluted “fischer price” house music’. This ideology was replicated in the crowd. No plastics, just real house fans with a sound which is defining the real underground house music scene.